MLS Fails to Play-Dead in Semifinals; Mex teams Respond with Punches

31 07 2008

After the New England Revolution (MLS) beat Atlante (FMF) last night in a SuperLiga semifinal, Atlante behaved even worse and picked an even bigger fight than Pachuca did when they lost to the Houston Dynamo in the other semifinal, Tuesday night. It’s inexcusable that a Mexican (or any) side would do this after one of the semifinal matches, but that it happened after both is ridiculous! Soccer broadcaster and blogger, Kartik Krishnaiyer, has an interesting (albeit somewhat objectionable) analysis of why it happened. Read the rest of this entry »


BREAKING: Blanco suspended for 2 yrs from US Open Cup

30 07 2008

The US Soccer Federation adjudication and discipline panel has ruled that the Chicago Fire’s DP and leading man, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, has been banned for 2 years from US Open Cup play as punishment for his conduct at the July 8 quarterfinal game. More details below…

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Too Cute for Words

30 07 2008

It totally doesn’t matter what the actual activity going on in this picture is, it’s just too cute for words…or a caption.

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Dynamo 2, Pachuca 0: The Fights

30 07 2008

After the Dynamo won the Superliga Semifinal…well, let’s say Pachuca went down swinging. The events on the field are documented below by Bernardo Fallas over at The Chron. But the fights weren’t just on the field. As my co-author and I were filing out of the stadium, we saw a fight of our break out amongst some of the fans. I snapped these shots on my iPhone…it was happening pretty fast, please excuse the image quality.
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Crap. Forgot to put S. Korean keeper on my team.

29 07 2008

So, I have an MLS Fantasy team (gotta get to the MLS Cup somehow – I figure I can still move up from 2000th place to take it all). When starting my fantasy team, I noticed that if the goalkeeper scores, you get 25 points when you only get 10 for a forward/midfielder goal and 15 if a defender scores (no, own goals don’t count). But I was thinking, when do goalkeepers ever score? There are the cases when down by 7 goals, last 5 minutes of the game, EVERYONE pushes forward, but how often do those really happen?  The likelihood of the goalkeeper scoring from their usual area of play is slim. But Jung Sung-Ryong, keeper for the South Korean Olympic Team, did just that against Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast – who the US team plays July 30 at 6:30am ET). So I missed out on 25 points.  For sure that would have put me into the lead (or at least up a few hundred spots…) [Before anyone asks, no, MLS Fantasy team has only MLS players.] In case you missed it, it is a must watch. And hopefully will teach all goalkeepers an important lesson – don’t play too far off your line. Bad things happen. And then you have to try not to laugh on camera, after initially being mad of course, that you allowed such a stupid goal.

Letting it all hang out

29 07 2008

Today’s SoccerAmericaDaily has a humorous piece about just how far an aspiring play would go, and how far he’d ask his girlfriend to go, in order to get noticed.

Player bares bare girlfriend to get tryout

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Types of Hot: Rough Hot

29 07 2008

Alright, “Rough Hot” could be interpreted many ways, and in the case of Clint Dempsey, I mean them all. Not always pristine. A little bit of temper. Very physical play on the pitch. Sometimes need a translator when he gives interviews. I imagine (unfortunately don’t KNOW) a lot of throwing around (the fun kind), not a lot of words (and those spoken a little rough), and a lot of sweat. Sigh. So while he has abandoned the MLS for Fulham in the Premier League, as a regular on the US MNT, we here at NHB could never abandon him. So thank you Clint Dempsey for exemplifying Rough Hot.


clint lifestyle, originally uploaded by deucedempsey.