BREAKING: Dynamo to acquire Kei Kamara [updated]

24 07 2008

The story is still breaking broke over at the Bernardo Fallas page.

Bottom-line: it is not yet now official, according to multiple reports

The story: it looks like we’re trading a draft pick and some allocation $$$ for San Jose’s Kei Kamara.  He’s 23 y.o., from Sierra Leone, played in MLS 3 seasons and is SUPPOSED to be FAST.

Dynamo adding San Jose's Kamara to the roseter (Photo:


My view: This could be a wise move.  1) We don’t use our allocation money, so let’s through it around some other way rather than banking it. 2) We have a NEED FOR SPEED; Holden, DeRo, Cameron, hell even the beloved Mullan are definitely able to turn on the speed in moments of thrilling spectacle that score game-winning goals. But what we is a racehorse who we can count on to out-run the defenders every single time and BE THERE, ready to receive the pass, without question, without fail. We already pay someone to do that; but he doesn’t anymore (and his name is Brian Ching). So I approve of this change IF AND ONLY IF we bench Ching and play Kamara in his place. However, if this means benching DeRo, Holden, moving Mullan back (because he has been workin this new spot) or giving less field time for Cameron, while Ching firmly plants his feet or runs away from the flying ball up top while we also field Kamara to do what we’re paying Ching our top dollar to do, then I’m not having it!!!




3 responses

24 07 2008

You tell ’em!

25 07 2008

You guys got hosed.

28 07 2008
Do you know the way to San Jose? Just Follow Alvarez « No Hands Ball

[…] for allocation money and a first round pic in the 2009 SuperDraft. Sound familiar? That is what Houston traded to San Jose for Kai Kamara. So the Houston native is being sent to San Jose for items that Houston provided. […]

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