Huh? I don’t get it.

24 07 2008
Letizia Filippi looking gorge in dress borrowed from her brother

Letizia Filippi looking gorge in dress borrowed from her brother

This blog is about the Game, it’s about the Players and it’s about their junk.  It’s not about their girlfriends. So this won’t be a frequent subject on our blog.  And it definitely isn’t a forum for us to callout/criticize other bloggers (okay, that’s probably not true). However, farbeit from me to criticizea blogger for using outlandish, unsupportable headlines to grab a reader’s attention…I plan to do it all the time.  But our friends over at, who always have an eye out for the Hot Pics like us and who have really been working overtime with Ronaldo in-country, have left me scratching my head.  
They feature a picture of Letizia Filippi, the current girlfriend (not exactly monogamous though) of hottie Cristiano, looking hot-as-fire in a dress she supposedly borrowed from her brother.  I’m on-board thus far; I know little of her and nothing of her family but I’ve no reason to disbelieve it or judge it negatively.  Where they loose me is how does that pic correspond with the their headline “Cristiano’s new lady also claims to like dressing ‘a little like a man’ “. I would NEVER call myself an agent of or advocate for the gender police….let’s bust right through every one of those stereotypes. So if her brother does own and sometimes wear the photog’ed dress, I say, “Bravo”.  And if she borrowed it from him for the for the photo shoot, I say, “Good call. Looks hot!”  But even I say it’s a stretch to call HER in THAT dress some form of dressing like a man.




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24 07 2008

So wearing a hot dress makes her “like man” according to her? Interesting…

26 07 2008

Hey guys, the headline and caption was actually completely sarcastic. In the post we link to an interview with the Daily Star where she said ‘I like to dress a little like a man’ which confused as much as it confused ya’ll. That hotass dress doesn’t look very manly does it?

Anyhow, thanks for reading TIET — much appreciated! — and thanks for the link up!

26 07 2008

Sure thing! I saw the quote in the interview too; wasn’t sure if you got it and I just somehow didn’t or if you were sarcastically giving lip service to her quote (now we know it’s the latter). I think the pic makes it all-the-more funny! Either way, made for a fun tongue-in-cheek post in our blog’s first few hours. Thanks for visiting us! TIET rocks, btw!!!

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