Hosed with Kamara?

26 07 2008

The Dynamo have officially acquired Kei Kamara from San Jose, and according to one of our readers, we got hosed.  So now I’m worried of course that maybe we did get hosed.  In my attempt to figure this out, at 3:30am, I found this delightful/distressing video from MLS.  Essentially, it pits Stuart Holden of the Dynamo and Kei Kamara, then of San Jose, against each other asking mostly non-soccer related random trivia.  For example, what’s the distance between San Jose and Houston?  Holden guessed about half the distance, but since he’s originally from Scotland, I feel like we can’t hold that against him (I am conveniently forgetting how long he has lived in the US).  All I can say is thankfully we only ask these guys to play good soccer.  Or maybe because we ask them to play good soccer they can’t know current events?  Either way, they should stick to their day jobs.  If by chance you can’t watch the video, Kamara wins, I think.

And maybe tomorrow I’ll stop being distracted by videos and actually figure out whether or not we got hosed.




One response

26 07 2008

(feigning protest) I think the distance question was entirely UNFAIR. As you point out, he’s a foreign national (well, he’s got both a US and UK passport) and thus should have been allowed to asnwer in kilometers!!

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