Olympians Took My Advice, Kinda

26 07 2008

I mentioned in a previous post that the US Men’s Olympic Team was in route to Hong Kong, and that they shared the flight with about half the US Swim Team.  One might hope the two teams could share training tips, and that the end result would be barely-there shorts for the soccer team. Turns out they did learn something, but it involves the long tights rather than the short shorts. Sigh. [Really, they are compression pants to reduce swelling in flight; so they had them on before meeting the swimmers. But I fear the swimmers might have validated the style, and that would be unfortunate for all.]


USSoccer YNT-blog)

Stuart Holden and Brad Guzan rockin' (yes, I'm sometimes delusional) the...um...leggings. (Photo: USSoccer YNT-blog)




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