Where is the Olympic Team now?

26 07 2008

When all the reports were coming out about the bad air quality in Beijing, I was understandably concerned for our boys as they play multiple games outside.  When I heard they were leaving the US on July 25th I thought, “Great, add another two weeks that they are going to be in bad air conditions.”  Turns out that they are headed to Hong Kong for a two game series against the Ivory Coast on July 30 and then Cameroon on August 3 before Olympic games begin with a match against Japan on August 7 in Tianjin (I think better air there). I have no clue about the air conditions in Hong Kong or where they plan to train between Hong Kong and the trip to Beijing on August 13 for the last two matches of group play, but I figure it has to be better than being in Beijing for the duration. According to Olympic organizers, they have reportedly been trying to clean up the air a bit for the games.

So the question is, where are they now?  Best guess is somewhere in/around Hong Kong. Evidently they made the trip from San Francisco with half the US swim team and shared some training tips.  Hopefully the swim team convinced them to wear those barely-there swimsuits when going through regeneration sessions in the pool.




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26 07 2008
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[…] Took My Advice, Kinda 26 07 2008 I mentioned in a previous post that the US Men’s Olympic Team was in route to Hong Kong, and that they shared the flight […]

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