Happy Birthday to my Dynamo Hottie to Watch

28 07 2008



Chris Wondolowski celebrates goal at the Pan Pacific Championships in Hawaii. (Photo: Reuters)

Today seemed like a good day to combine two goals: 

1) Happy Birthday to Chris Wondolowski

2) Mention that I have a hottie to watch on pretty much every team in the MLS.  

I can watch games for the beauty and fun of it, but it’s always a little more fun to have a person in particular to follow along the way.  I think about half are married (I’m sure to hussies that are no good for them), but luckily, they don’t have to be single to be my hottie to watch. So for now for the Dynamo, it’s Chris Wondolowski. Wondolowski has been with the Dynamo since their beginning in Houston, and was with the original Quakes before that. Sometimes called by fans the “King of the Reserves,” he has led the reserve team in goals the past three years. He is a regular substitute with a few starts this year and last. More importantly, he fits the bill of tall, dark and handsome. With a really sexy smile. Happy Birthday, sugar.




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