Hottest Straight Man Alive

28 07 2008


Thanks kbhall93)

Mullan. Sigh. (Photo: Thanks kbhall93)

I don’t know if it’s gay culture or what, but a lot, and I mean A LOT, of gay men are super hot. You can almost see why some women might attempt to “change” them. I’ve learned to accept that they are fabulous as is (like my wonderful co-author) and still amazingly fun to look at. However, there are those men that are inexplicably hot and pretty confirmed straight. Enter Brian Mullan. Evidently he has a wife and two children (though that doesn’t necessarily rule out homosexuality), he doesn’t keep his eyebrows perfect (like all men should), and he doesn’t use much product in his hair (but I don’t think he needs to). But all that makes him more likely to be straight, and thus the hottest straight man alive.



AP by Bob Levey)

Mullan, aka Hottest Straight Man alive, can argue with me anytime. Assuming I could get out a coherent thought. (Photo: AP by Bob Levey)




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28 07 2008
Hottest Straight Man Alive Up for Goal of the Week « No Hands Ball

[…] Straight Man Alive Up for Goal of the Week 28 07 2008 The Hottest Straight Man Alive (aka Brian Mullan) is up for Sierra Mist Goal of the Week (vote now) for his pretty goal against DC […]

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