Waibel Matches NFL Record

28 07 2008

Now you all are probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about; this blog is about football/futbol/soccer, not American football.  And you would be right.  But this is proof of why soccer is really the beautiful game and why soccer players are in fact amazing athletes.  Craig Waibel of the Dynamo recently went to pre-season Houston Texans practice, and with tips from kicker Kris Brown, kicked field goals to sponsor kids from local hospitals to attend the next Dyanamo SuperLiga game against Pachuca Tuesday night.  In all, he hit 10/14 goals, sending 30 kids to the game.  But how is this connected to the post title?  Waibel hit a goal from 63 yards out, matching the NFL record distance. Admittedly, there were no defenders rushing him, and the weather didn’t seem too bad (not like snowing in Greenbay – which forcing people to be outside in that should be illegal), but then, this is Waibel. As a closeted Waibel Warrior myself (and no, I won’t admit that in public because I hate cutesy names), I feel like 300 pound defenders would mean nothing to him. But since I have already mentioned the Houston Texans, I do have to admit that Kris Brown is pretty hot (at least in a hat – I’m reserving judgement on his hair).

Update: Oh! Found video from Bernardo Fallas over at http://www.chron.com. This is why Waibel is great: the kids were going to the game regardless, he was just working out a way for someone else to pay for it. Sweet.

Forever Orange)

Waibel kicking field goals with the help of Texans hottie Kris Brown (not the singer). (Photo: Forever Orange)




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