Dynamo 2, Pachuca 0: The Fights

30 07 2008

After the Dynamo won the Superliga Semifinal…well, let’s say Pachuca went down swinging. The events on the field are documented below by Bernardo Fallas over at The Chron. But the fights weren’t just on the field. As my co-author and I were filing out of the stadium, we saw a fight of our break out amongst some of the fans. I snapped these shots on my iPhone…it was happening pretty fast, please excuse the image quality.
Continue after the break to see the photos.

Dynamo 2, Pachuca 0: The aftermath: “Two things were proven in Tuesday night’s SuperLiga semifinal at Robertson Stadium. • The Dynamo can eliminate Pachuca from an international competition. It only took three tries to do it. • Pachuca can be sore losers. For all the respect…

(Via Soccer y Fútbol – Chron.)





4 responses

30 07 2008

I walked right by this very “fight” that seemed to be more of an argument than anything else. Overall, despite the weird events on the field at the half and afterwards, the game continued to respectful association between the two sides. It’s hard not to be impressed with Tuzo captain and uber-keeper Miguel Calero and the Pachuca head coach Meza. Any crap, they will put it down.

Go Dynamo. Go Atlante tonight!

30 07 2008

Well, it was argument with pushing and shoving…does that make it a fight? I guess that depends on your definition but either way, you get the point…not a lovefest on or off the field…not even polite. Nonetheless, I really appreciate your comment!

30 07 2008

What about the big fight on the 50 yd line in the stands. I saw from oppisite side of the field that drinks were being thrown an al. anyone close enough to see. And yes even Pachuca female fans were pissed and getting in our faces at the end of the game. They wanted to cry….quieres llorar quieres llorar….

30 07 2008

Yeah, I think you’re right Jeff. Emotions did boil over at times, though I’ve yet to see any other references to what Cam Man refers to. Where’s YouTube when you need it?!?

But overall, I have to say that the Pachuca fans I talked to and shook hands with after the game were all disappointed, but gracious in defeat.

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