Holden Turns 23 in China – was that yesterday for us?

1 08 2008

Happy Birthday to Stuart Holden, who turns 23 today. I got to thinking though, if he is in China, then did he turn 23 yesterday? Now my head hurts. Anyways, happy birthday! Evidently he’s super excited about his little cake, and someone named Gloria gave him a card outside the hotel. That’s dedication. And according to USSoccer.com blog, he got “special attention” from fans. Hmmm, what exactly does that mean…


Holden turns 23 in Hong Kong with the Olympic team.

Holden turns 23 in Hong Kong with the Olympic team.

And a little birthday present for the rest of us…I wonder if that qualifies as “special attention” from fans (in which case, I’m perfectly willing to focus as much attention on him as need be to properly celebrate 23 years…). Or, do you think one of them is name Gloria?




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25 08 2008
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[…] dance? Jumps on the back, or the front, of a teammate? Pulls his shirt over his head, revealing ripped abs? No. He gives two high fives to teammates, mainly so he doesn’t leave them hanging, then runs […]

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