US Olympic Team vs Japan

7 08 2008

Watching the first half of the US Olympic squad on TiVo delay…so this is like live blogging a game except it’s only the blogging that’s live, not the game. I’ve a few thoughts.

1st impression: this US squad looks STRONG. Despite some scary things we’d heard since our boys headed to Asia, they look like a strong team. (Phew!)

2nd thought: Rogers is hot today! By that I mean he’s playing very well and he is looking GOOD. I mean clearly Holden’s the hottest player on the field (he always is the hottest player on any field). But I’m enjoying Rogers this morning also.

3rd thought: thank god we brought Guzan! He’s had some great saves (particularly aprox 21:00 if you watch online; great teamwork with Edu at aprox 27:40).

4th thought: I really hate Marcello Balboa (one of the two commentators). It’s not just because he spews stupid shit, constantly tokenizes himself, sounds like nails on chalkboard or has the vocabulary of a twelve year old. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Luckily JP’s doing more of the play-by-play.

Writen on my iPhone; please excuse typos, brevity and lack of photos.

What exactly IS the Japanese player reaching for???




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