USA MNT Olympic match v. Nigeria – 1st Half

13 08 2008

Shel and I are watching together on this one! (She’s back, YAY!!!)

In the first three minutes of the game Orozco got the most bogus red card of the entire Olympics! It maybe should have been a called foul, a yellow max! But definitely NOT a red.


Thirty minutes into the game and Guzan’s had a couple great saves. He was a great player to have used one of our overage slots on…I’ll say it again.

On a wardrobe note, apparently the Olympic-specific jerseys (those without the US Soccer Federation shield) have continued to fall apart. The team has reverted to their international friendly/CONCACAF-sheild-bearing jerseys with tape over the shield.

We’re down one goal at halftime but an equalizer is easily within reach. In the second half Shel and I are looking for some substitutions; options include Benny as a defensive mid, Pat (if we’re concerned about yeilding another); Shelly wouldn’t hate seeing Dax come out because of his midfield strengths on both the defense and the striking capabilities he brings.

And at the start of the second half, we got our wish for the gorgeous Benny (in for Jozy Altidore); Shel doesn’t like it but I (Jeff) am on board with the switch (and not just because Benny is super hot, as blogged by Shel, or because of his hot but weird video).




2 responses

14 08 2008

that video is very crazy, but i really like it!
right, he´s HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

17 08 2008

How ignorant (and bad loosers) are those (NBC headlines) who blame the elimitation of USA team from the Football Olympics to ONE player. Lets not forget that Football is a team sport and even in circumstances like playing with ten men, good teams have won games. For example: Italy – Belgium, where Belgium lost a defender (and punished with a penalty kick) and still won the game 3-2. What Orozco did was wrong (I agree, not for a red card), but, not the reason why the US was eliminated. They were eliminated because Nigeria was a better team (with or without Orozco).

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