Feilhaber Update

14 08 2008

Is Benny Denmark-bound? We told you earlier today about reports that Benny Feilhaber was in talks with MLS because he wanted to come back stateside to play, which was contrary to previous reports that Feilhaber was being thoroughly looked over by Aarhus Denmark.

Well, it now appears that the Danish option is proceeding, full-speed ahead and the deal may be complete in just a few hours.

Feilhaber Update: “Just touched base with Benny Feilhaber’s agent, Lyle Yorks, who is in Aarhus (Denmark) with the USA Olympian. ‘He had his medical and, if all of the final details are agreed, he will sign in the morning,’ Yorks told the Insider. Derby County, Feilhaber’s current club, will let him go on a free transfer. Feilhaber would join another American, Jeremiah White, at the ambitious Danish club. We’ll see if this gets done in the next 24 hrs.”

(Via Soccer Insider – WaPo.)

We’re not ones to post rumors about soccer players (HA!), but we did here given the level of interest surrounding this incredible player and the caliber of the reporters (doesn’t get much better than Ives and Goff). What makes this latest report the most credible is that sources are now going on-record with details. And, truth-be-told, this may be a situation where all of the above is true. Benny (and his people) may be entertaining multiple options at once to see what’s the best one that’ll go through. …and we may soon find out. (fingers crossed)




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