-BREAKING: As soon as we come across a hot news item (either from the mainstream meadia or the blogosphere), we’ll make sure to pass it along to you.

-The Orange Edition: We’ll clip Houston Dynamo-related articles from the news and blogosphere and index them here periodically…like the morning edition of your favorite paper, except better because it’s all about the Dynamo.



-Hot pics: just like the name implies, one of the perks of being a soccer fan is the beautiful athletes one gets to…study. We’re always on the hunt for Hot pics…please send them into us as you find them too.

-Hot Ass Cards: While we leave it to the refs to hand out the yellow and red cards, some players just deserve a Hot Ass card because they’ve got a hot ass…so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to hand ‘em out. 



We’ll be providing our own commentary here as time allows us to. We’ll also be passing along the commentary of others, because it needed to be said, was uniquely insightful, particularly in-depth or vexingly stupid (in a you-gotta-read-this sort of way). Commentary will often be wrapped into other news features.



While we were kicking around the idea of starting a blog, we struggled to come up with a name.  A friend of ours attended a Dynamo game with us that summer and observed that football is the wrong name for the sport because players use their head and torso often too. He remarked, “they should call it no-hands-ball instead.” And thus we’d found our name.


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