The Conclusion: Feilhaber to Denmark

15 08 2008

Well, it’s over…now we know: Benny has signed with Aarhus Denmark. Read the rest of this entry »


Feilhaber Update

14 08 2008

Is Benny Denmark-bound? We told you earlier today about reports that Benny Feilhaber was in talks with MLS because he wanted to come back stateside to play, which was contrary to previous reports that Feilhaber was being thoroughly looked over by Aarhus Denmark.

Well, it now appears that the Danish option is proceeding, full-speed ahead and the deal may be complete in just a few hours. Read the rest of this entry »

Types of Hot: Rough Hot

29 07 2008

Alright, “Rough Hot” could be interpreted many ways, and in the case of Clint Dempsey, I mean them all. Not always pristine. A little bit of temper. Very physical play on the pitch. Sometimes need a translator when he gives interviews. I imagine (unfortunately don’t KNOW) a lot of throwing around (the fun kind), not a lot of words (and those spoken a little rough), and a lot of sweat. Sigh. So while he has abandoned the MLS for Fulham in the Premier League, as a regular on the US MNT, we here at NHB could never abandon him. So thank you Clint Dempsey for exemplifying Rough Hot.


clint lifestyle, originally uploaded by deucedempsey.

Friedel at Villa too? Poor Guzan

26 07 2008

It’s official.  Brad Friedel signed a three-year contract with Aston Villa for an undisclosed sum, leaving Blackburn after an eight-year stint.  But what does this mean for Brad Guzan? The reigning MLS Goalkeeper of the Year recently transferred to Villa as well.  It was thought that he would have to compete with current Villa player Stuart Taylor for starting honors (Scott Carson, former goalkeep, has moved on), but seems like he now has to beat out American/Premier League veteran Brad Friedel as well.  Bummer for Guzan.  What do you think are Guzan’s chances of winning? Let the battle of the Brad’s commence.