Revs vs. Joe Public – by myself

26 08 2008

Okay, so Jeff is out of town and the CONCACAF Champions League starts tonight, which means I amwatching by myself. Well, I am watching the game and Jeff’s dog Chompers (a teacup chihuahua with gigantism). So to keep everyone informed, I’ve decided to go ahead an blog the game. Here goes.

Get to Jeff’s and realize the TiVo wasn’t set. Crap. Not an auspicious start.

13th Minute: Finally find the game. Seems like I haven’t missed much.

13.5: Maybe I should look up the starting line-ups? Decide that no, I can figure it out as the game goes on.

13.75: Realize the JP players don’t have names on their jerseys – makes figuring out who’s who more difficult.

14: See that Jeff’s computer is gone; so I can’t look up the line-ups if I want to.

14.5: Decide I need a piece of cake.

15.5: Need a drink. Be right back.

16.5: Didn’t miss anything.

22: It is really quiet in the stadium. So quiet I can hear the coaches and players on the field yelling. Not like you hear with HiDef, but like you hear at a reserves game. And there is a lovely parking lot in the background.

23: Announcers call NE “bridesmaids” since they haven’t won a MLS cup. I thought it was funny. Chompers did too.

24: Lots of water being flung around. Guys tipping heads back and letting water run down their fronts. I approve and support water breaks like this.

24.5: JP just put the ball back in play with lots of NE players still getting watered down. Seems a little shady.

25: Here I’ve been thinking the game has been a little slow, but the announcers just informed me that I missed a lot of JP scoring opportunities early in the game. Stupid TiVo.

26: Wells Thompson comes on for Ralston who is having back spasms. And Thompson promptly gets a yellow card.  Kinda like, “Hey, in case you missed it, I came on the field.” But in a really forceful way.

35: Someone from JP pushes down Twellman (sigh) at the top of the box, creating a dangerous free kick situation. I can clearly hear the JP keeper Figueroa moving players around (at least I think that’s what he’s doing, I don’t speak the language). Larentowicz takes it, Figueroa knocks it away.

41: Lots of talk about finding a rhythm. I hope they don’t mean people should use the rhythm method. That clearly doesn’t work well.

44: Keep talking about a JP player named Richardson. No clue which one that is since there are no names on the jerseys, but seems like he must be good. MLS prospect?

45+: Camera man is now shooting images of another camera man who is taping the “crowd.” I think we are all a little bored about now.

Half-time: I assert my mental and physical dominance over Chompers during a rousing game of tug-of-war. He didn’t stand a chance.

46: Lots of face time on Shalrie Joseph. I approve. He’s beautiful. Though I would prefer shorter hair.

49: Depth perception screws me up again. Looked like JP had a goal, but it really just hit the side netting.

51: JP GOAL!!!! For real this time! The 10 people in the crown went wild!

52: Lots of bad hair playing for JP. Shalrie’s is way better. Though it could still be shorter…

55: Another yellow card for some JP player who’s name I still can’t figure out sets up another dangerous free kick for NE – and they get nothing.

61: Announcers agree that Richardson should come on up to the MLS. It’s like they can read my mind.

65: NE avoids getting scored on.

67: Announcer says that NE gets a “second bite of the cherry.” I can infer what that means, but still wonder if it is like a “born again virgin.”

69: JP substitution: Gay in for Nelson.

70: JP GOAL!!! Gay on the assist. So when Thompson comes on for NE, he gets a yellow. Gay comes on for JP, he gets an assist. Story of the night.

73: Good butt shot of the sideline official signaling an offsides. 

74: Mitchell (JP) gets a yellow for a bad foul on Shalrie in the box = PK. Briefly consider flying down and giving a stern talking to Mitchell, but realize I’m tired. Maybe next time.

74.5: Shalrie taking a while to get up. Replay shows a nasty bend on the left ankle. Reconsidering that stern talking to Mitchell.

74.75: Castro takes the PK, and scores!!!!

74.85: Small battle over the ball between Castro and Figueroa. Figueroa wins.

78: Gay gets yellow. Does that mean that Thompson is due to score now?

83: Lots of substitutions happened. I even traded between toys I am throwing for Chompers.

88: Yellow for Parkhurst and free kick for JP in dangerous spot. Nothing.

Game: JP 2, NE 1. Final winner for a spot in Group C will be determined by aggregate goals. So while NE “lost” tonight, there is still the home leg in NE. I’m expecting better play and more of a crowd.


Dane Richards Shares the Love

25 08 2008

Dane Richards scores against the Houston Dynamo on Saturday, and then what does he do? A celebration dance? Jumps on the back, or the front, of a teammate? Pulls his shirt over his head, revealing ripped abs? No. He gives two high fives to teammates, mainly so he doesn’t leave them hanging, then runs over to the side to hug…the waterboy (really more like waterman, but you get the point). Way to share the love and celebrate with those that keep you from collapsing of dehydration. So my new career (since stretching DeRosario is looking like it might not work out) will be watergirl. Bring on the hugs.

Sierra Mist GOW Thoughts – no Dynamo =(

25 08 2008

So there was the lovely Dynamo 4-0 win against Chivas on Wednesday, followed by the ugly 3-0 defeat against the Red Bulls on Saturday. And Jeff and I have both had to work really hard the past week – so few posts. In short, the week started out good and ended crappy. So to cheer myself up, I decided to watch the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week nominees and vote, even though no Dynamo made the cut. See, I can support other players from other teams… Read the rest of this entry »

Soccer Overload

21 08 2008

There is just so much soccer tonight!  I’m in overload.  I thought I would maybe post about Clavijo leaving the Rapids, but quite frankly, my thought is “eh.” I’m not sure there was anyone supporting him staying; so he’s leaving. Eh.

Then there is the US MNT beating Guatemala in Guatemala in a World Cup Qualifier. Yay!

Then I was at the game watching the Dynamo wipe the floor with Chivas. I actually felt sorry for Chivas; it was that ugly. With so many injuries (I think 11 players were on the injury list), plus Klejstan out with the US, there just wasn’t much to be done. Preki only used one sub for injury purposes because frankly, there was no one on the bench. By no one, I mean no one healthy (Ante Razov was on the bench, and I don’t consider him a “no one”). If you really love the Dynamo (and who wouldn’t), or really hate Chivas (why?), then you might want to watch this game on TiVo if you missed it live.

Then there were like 80 (exaggerating, but not by much…) other World Cup qualifiers today. So I’m in OVERLOAD. A wonderful overload to be in, but overload nonetheless.

Kevin Hartman Writes Children’s Books

18 08 2008

For real. I always wondered what players did in their off time.  It seems Hartman, goalkeeper of the Kansas City Wizards, wrote a children’s book about, well, goalkeeping. Or rather a farm cat becoming a goalkeeper, but you get the point. The book is “Boots Saves the Day,” (kinda cute play on words) and can be purchased online.  Hartman even gives readings (evidently has done two so far).  I wonder if he got any tips from Bruce Arena before he moved on to his new job about speaking in public. Even now if I have trouble sleeping, I just play a little Arena commentating from a Wizards game and I’m out in 5 minutes.


Kevin Hartman at a recent book signing. The kids say enthralled. Kinda.

Kevin Hartman at a recent book signing. The kids'll say enthralled. Kinda.

Stretching Dwayne De Rosario (new career?)

17 08 2008

Dynamo vs Atlante, originally uploaded by William Holtkamp.

At the Dynamo games, Jeff and I think about what we could do to help the team. I feel like I could help them stretch. Really, just for their benefit. And if their shorts slide down a bit and I get flashed, well, I’ll just have to accept that as part of the job.

USA MNT Olympic match v. Nigeria – 1st Half

13 08 2008

Shel and I are watching together on this one! (She’s back, YAY!!!)

In the first three minutes of the game Orozco got the most bogus red card of the entire Olympics! It maybe should have been a called foul, a yellow max! But definitely NOT a red.

Read the rest of this entry »