Starting 11?

2 08 2008

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At Robertson Stadium. The starting 11…unclear. Based on the warm-up formation, only nine starters can be clearly identified. A death in the family has pulled me away from the news wires, so without knowing the details of our players’ health, it’ll be interesting to see who DOES end up starting. Read the rest of this entry »


Aug 2: Dynamo Cosmos Night ???

26 07 2008

Well, it appears that the Dynamo game against the Colombus Crew on August 2nd is going to be BOTH the Faith & Family night AND NASA night according to seemingly contradictory reports. Setting aside my nervousness with the fact that Faith & Family can sometimes (but not always) be code for torch-wielding villagers when you find yourself on team rainbow, it strikes me as an odd pairing. Does it mean they’ll have astronauts signing Jars of Clay cover songs? Or does actually all add up into one heavens/cosmos/up-in-the-sky night? Read the rest of this entry »

Sept. 13 Dynamo-Quakes Game Time Change

26 07 2008

The Dynamo-Earthquakes game scheduled for Sept 13 will be starting at 7pm (PT) rather than the originally scheduled 1pm.  Why?  I don’t know. Maybe they realized that it was going to be really hot in San Jose at 1pm, and that doesn’t affect the Dynamo since they train in the sweltering heat that pervades Houston. Since the Quakes still play at Santa Clara, maybe there was another need for the field (which, I can tell you from experience, just pisses the fans off). Regardless, be sure to show up to Buck Shaw Stadium 6 hours later than the original start time, tune-in later, or reset the TiVo if need be. In case you check the online schedule and think I’m crazy, they actually updated the new start time in a timely manner.  Way to go Quakes web people!

All-Star Game Tonight – What I’m Looking For

24 07 2008

We know that many out there will be watching the MLS All-Stars take on West Ham (it’s actually being broadcasted to over 100 countries).  Most, including us, will be watching to see some beautiful soccer.  Some will also be watching to see if there will be a repeat altercation with Hammer fans, which the Columbus Crew higher-ups tout as “gross mischaracterizations.”  But we feel it is our duty to remind you of a few other reasons to tune-in tonight:


A few MLS All-Stars being hot.

A few MLS All-Stars being hot.