The Conclusion: Feilhaber to Denmark

15 08 2008

Well, it’s over…now we know: Benny has signed with Aarhus Denmark. Read the rest of this entry »


Feilhaber Update

14 08 2008

Is Benny Denmark-bound? We told you earlier today about reports that Benny Feilhaber was in talks with MLS because he wanted to come back stateside to play, which was contrary to previous reports that Feilhaber was being thoroughly looked over by Aarhus Denmark.

Well, it now appears that the Danish option is proceeding, full-speed ahead and the deal may be complete in just a few hours. Read the rest of this entry »

Feilhaber Coming Home?

14 08 2008

An all out Benny Feilhaber love-fest has broken out here at NHB, and so I’m sure news from the incredibly well-sourced Soccer By Ives that soccer powerhouse and hottie is in talks with MLS and may soon be returning will be met with much adulation by our readers.

Feilhaber in talks with MLS, could wind up with Revs:


Photo by

Details below.

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USA MNT Olympic match v. Nigeria – 1st Half

13 08 2008

Shel and I are watching together on this one! (She’s back, YAY!!!)

In the first three minutes of the game Orozco got the most bogus red card of the entire Olympics! It maybe should have been a called foul, a yellow max! But definitely NOT a red.

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Types of Hot: Olympic Hot

12 08 2008

Clearly this category only really comes up every 4 years; so I thought it deserved a nod. And as I’m trying to decide whether I should go to sleep and get up early for the US game against Nigeria or just stay up, I decided to post this instead. The first to fill this category was REALLY hard to pick; so expect more.  I was originally thinking Stuart Holden (who gave a “insider’s” description of life in the Olympic Village), because we here at NHB love our Dynamo/Olympic Hottie (see the many posts below), and he has been doing well (minus that yellow in the game against the Netherlands that I have just about blocked from my mind). But then I remembered the video I saw recently Read the rest of this entry »