All-Star Post-Game Thoughts

25 07 2008


Blanco and the English Blanco

Blanco and the English Blanco (Photo: mlsnet)

The All-Star game was a lot of fun, and yes, MLS won again!  Blanco was named MVP of the game, and it was our own De Rosario that won the game winning goal!  But I have to mention something one of the commentators said.  It went something like, “Beckham is wonderful.  He has really raised the level of play/publicity of MLS in the United States and the World.  The DP rule is great.  Look at how well Blanco is playing.  He is the MEXICAN BECKHAM.”  Why should Blanco be the Mexican Beckham?  Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the first part of the commentary, but isn’t Blanco a decent player in his own right?  Therefore, at least for this one post and possibly more, David Beckham is the English Blanco.