Stretching Dwayne De Rosario (new career?)

17 08 2008

Dynamo vs Atlante, originally uploaded by William Holtkamp.

At the Dynamo games, Jeff and I think about what we could do to help the team. I feel like I could help them stretch. Really, just for their benefit. And if their shorts slide down a bit and I get flashed, well, I’ll just have to accept that as part of the job.


A Tribute to The Offside Rules

25 07 2008

This post is a tribute to The Offside Rules who today posted a shirtless video post of DeRo “for the ladies and homosexualist”. Well as a practicing ‘homosexualist’ myself and on behalf of my co-author (who falls into the lady category) we say, “Thank you and bravo.” Click here to see: DeRo.  The gesture is much appreciated.