Hurricanes and Reserves Games

11 09 2008

So if you have been following the blog, we have been short on entries recently due to…well…our real lives. Just as that was settling down a bit, Hurricane Ike heads this way, and Jeff and I both happen to live in areas promoting evacuation. So I’m headed out. Jeff might. But for sure he won’t have electricity if he stays. So the blog will continue to languish a bit, but we haven’t forgotten our little blog or the wonderful sport of soccer. Actually, we made it to the Dynamo vs FC Dallas Reserves game today, and it was wonderful as always. If you haven’t been to a reserves match for any team, I suggest you go. It is a bit more relaxed in the stands, you can clearly hear what they are yelling (and one KC Wizards player in particular has a potty mouth, as he was informed by the crowd), and it’s soccer (what could possibly be bad?).


Sierra Mist GOW Thoughts – no Dynamo =(

25 08 2008

So there was the lovely Dynamo 4-0 win against Chivas on Wednesday, followed by the ugly 3-0 defeat against the Red Bulls on Saturday. And Jeff and I have both had to work really hard the past week – so few posts. In short, the week started out good and ended crappy. So to cheer myself up, I decided to watch the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week nominees and vote, even though no Dynamo made the cut. See, I can support other players from other teams… Read the rest of this entry »

Sierra Mist GOW Thoughts

18 08 2008

Another wonderful week of soccer has past, and now we should vote on the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week.  To help those of you who will never watch all videos, I think you should vote for Ricardo Clark.  I’m going to claim that it is just a coincidence that he happens to play for the Dynamo. But here are my thoughts on all of them.

Brian Carroll (Columbus Crew): nod for first goal in this MLS season, but that’s about it.

Jeff Cunningham (FC Dallas): nod for 100th MLS goal, but then he clumsily falls on the goalkeeper.

Ronnie O’Brien (San Jose Earthquakes): One touch over Matt Reis (who I feel is just behind, in my non-biased judgement, the best damn goalkeeper in the league, Pat Onstad) – so not bad

Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo): Beautiful. First of the season. 25 yards out (actually remember being at the game and thinking, what the hell is he doing from way out here…oh…scoring a goal).

Mike Magee (New York Red Bulls): Beats defender in foot race to the ball (good), but not a super exciting shot (no need since he beat the defenders).

Bye-bye Toja

1 08 2008

It’s official – Juan Toja has transferred from FC Dallas to Steaua Bucuresti. Evidently, lots of translation between English, Spanish, and Romanian slowed the process. So now Toja and Alvarez are gone. According the FC Dallas front office, they aren’t letting Cooper go. How long do you think they will really hold out?

Do you know the way to San Jose? Just Follow Alvarez

28 07 2008

There has been so much speculation about Cooper and Toja leaving FC Dallas, but who is out first? Arturo Alvarez. Alvarez has been traded to San Jose for allocation money and a first round pic in the 2009 SuperDraft. Sound familiar? That is what Houston traded to San Jose for Kai Kamara. So the Houston native is being sent to San Jose for items that Houston provided. Huh.


Getty Images by MLS)

Alvarez is traded to San Jose. Was it the horrible hair that was the last straw? (Photo: Getty Images by MLS)

BREAKING: McCarty Is USA’s Newest Olympian

24 07 2008

Dax McCarty has been called up to replace the injured Nate Sturgis on US Men’s Olympic squad.  Rumors that the understudy was involved Sturgis’s demise remain unsubstantiated (although not beyond realm of possibilities from an FC Dallas player) and we wish him and the entire Olympic squad the best of luck as they represent the Red, White and Blue in Beijing.

Dax McCarty, america's newest Olympian (photo: