A Win for the Dynamo, A Win for the Internet

24 07 2008

It was a late night for Dynamo fan, an even later night for DC United fans in attendance, but it all had a glorious outcome.  The Dynamo won a 2-nil game because of a brilliant goal from Brian Mullan in the first half an additional goal from some other player in the second half.  However, nearly three hours seperated the first and second halves with torrential downpours separating the two. As confusing as this was to those of us watching at home on TV in Houston (thanks much to the blog over at The Chron for keeping us posted; we’d have been lost without you), it had to be really bad for the DC United fans who waited it out in the stadium.  Rumors that that select DC United players provided hand-jobs of appreciation to the fans who DID stay for the entire game now seem to disappointingly unsubstantiated. The win is nice for the Dynamo becasue it puts tied for second place in our conference, which is nice for the Dynamo but highlights the startling difference between the Easter and Western Conferences this season.  …And we’re not THAT far away from these numbers mattering; but we’re not there yet.  For a wrap on the game, the score and a run-down of the numbers, I’ll refer you to Forever Orange’s post.


However, the greater victory of the night, which can only be called magnanimous, belongs to the internet.  After rehearsing in other platforms and applications, the authors of No Hands Ball have decided on the blog’s home: WordPress.  Both authors are registered, ready to go, and the content being generated in the final days before going live and public is the real deal folks. Will this be noted in history as the moment that changed EVERYTHING? Yeah, pants down, no question about it.