Sierra Mist GOW Thoughts – no Dynamo =(

25 08 2008

So there was the lovely Dynamo 4-0 win against Chivas on Wednesday, followed by the ugly 3-0 defeat against the Red Bulls on Saturday. And Jeff and I have both had to work really hard the past week – so few posts. In short, the week started out good and ended crappy. So to cheer myself up, I decided to watch the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week nominees and vote, even though no Dynamo made the cut. See, I can support other players from other teams… Read the rest of this entry »


All-Star Game Tonight – What I’m Looking For

24 07 2008

We know that many out there will be watching the MLS All-Stars take on West Ham (it’s actually being broadcasted to over 100 countries).  Most, including us, will be watching to see some beautiful soccer.  Some will also be watching to see if there will be a repeat altercation with Hammer fans, which the Columbus Crew higher-ups tout as “gross mischaracterizations.”  But we feel it is our duty to remind you of a few other reasons to tune-in tonight:


A few MLS All-Stars being hot.

A few MLS All-Stars being hot.