Beckham Down on Knives

18 08 2008

According to the BBC, Beckham an other British “footballers” have launched a campaign to decrease knife-related crimes in the UK called It Doesn’t Have to Happen.  Guns have been outlawed; now strides are being made against knives.  I like it.



Landon reveals Gullit was “disrespectful”; Vagenas says “blood in the water”

13 08 2008

Los Angeles Times: Galaxy players react to departures of Ruud Gullit and Alexi Lalas

Veteran midfielder Peter Vagenas says ‘there’s blood in the water’ as team discusses resignation of coach and firing of general manager.

Landon Donovan, the Galaxy’s leading scorer, said that there had been minor friction between him and Gullit. Donovan says Gullit was “disrespectful and that bothered me.”

Even David Beckham wasn’t smiling much. ‘Obviously, it’s disappointing,’ he said. ‘”

(Via Los Angeles Times.)

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Breaking: Galaxy Stuck in Airport

26 07 2008

I get, kinda, some of the rules place on MLS teams regarding restrictions.  One that most fans complain about is the way teams are allowed to fly.  The rule is something like: teams must fly commercial flights except for a few circumstances per year. This way no team, with say more money (cough, LA Galaxy, cough), can fly “better” than the others and have an unfair advantage when playing away games.  In a way, this is wonderful for fans.  You could in fact be on the same plane with your favorite team.  It also means the players are subjected to any craziness that happens to those of us who regularly fly commercial, like the Revs experience a week ago or so. Well, now the LA Galaxy are stuck in an airport, trying to leave for Dallas and their game tomorrow. They have even been made to get off one plane to get on a “new and better” plane. Ouch. Since I have spent 6 hours in delay at a Houston airport, I commiserate and wish them the best of luck. Thanks to the Galaxy Blog for keeping us informed.

Update: Supposedly they are now in route. Game still on.

Day later update: They made the game.  And lost. Bad. I blame American Airlines. Or a crappy defense.