Dane Richards Shares the Love

25 08 2008

Dane Richards scores against the Houston Dynamo on Saturday, and then what does he do? A celebration dance? Jumps on the back, or the front, of a teammate? Pulls his shirt over his head, revealing ripped abs? No. He gives two high fives to teammates, mainly so he doesn’t leave them hanging, then runs over to the side to hug…the waterboy (really more like waterman, but you get the point). Way to share the love and celebrate with those that keep you from collapsing of dehydration. So my new career (since stretching DeRosario is looking like it might not work out) will be watergirl. Bring on the hugs.


Kevin Hartman Writes Children’s Books

18 08 2008

For real. I always wondered what players did in their off time.  It seems Hartman, goalkeeper of the Kansas City Wizards, wrote a children’s book about, well, goalkeeping. Or rather a farm cat becoming a goalkeeper, but you get the point. The book is “Boots Saves the Day,” (kinda cute play on words) and can be purchased online.  Hartman even gives readings (evidently has done two so far).  I wonder if he got any tips from Bruce Arena before he moved on to his new job about speaking in public. Even now if I have trouble sleeping, I just play a little Arena commentating from a Wizards game and I’m out in 5 minutes.


Kevin Hartman at a recent book signing. The kids look...um...well say enthralled. Kinda.

Kevin Hartman at a recent book signing. The kids look...um...we'll say enthralled. Kinda.

Sierra Mist GOW Thoughts

18 08 2008

Another wonderful week of soccer has past, and now we should vote on the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week.  To help those of you who will never watch all videos, I think you should vote for Ricardo Clark.  I’m going to claim that it is just a coincidence that he happens to play for the Dynamo. But here are my thoughts on all of them.

Brian Carroll (Columbus Crew): nod for first goal in this MLS season, but that’s about it.

Jeff Cunningham (FC Dallas): nod for 100th MLS goal, but then he clumsily falls on the goalkeeper.

Ronnie O’Brien (San Jose Earthquakes): One touch over Matt Reis (who I feel is just behind, in my non-biased judgement, the best damn goalkeeper in the league, Pat Onstad) – so not bad

Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo): Beautiful. First of the season. 25 yards out (actually remember being at the game and thinking, what the hell is he doing from way out here…oh…scoring a goal).

Mike Magee (New York Red Bulls): Beats defender in foot race to the ball (good), but not a super exciting shot (no need since he beat the defenders).

Beckham Down on Knives

18 08 2008

According to the BBC, Beckham an other British “footballers” have launched a campaign to decrease knife-related crimes in the UK called It Doesn’t Have to Happen.  Guns have been outlawed; now strides are being made against knives.  I like it.


The Conclusion: Feilhaber to Denmark

15 08 2008

Well, it’s over…now we know: Benny has signed with Aarhus Denmark. Read the rest of this entry »

Feilhaber Coming Home?

14 08 2008

An all out Benny Feilhaber love-fest has broken out here at NHB, and so I’m sure news from the incredibly well-sourced Soccer By Ives that soccer powerhouse and hottie is in talks with MLS and may soon be returning will be met with much adulation by our readers.

Feilhaber in talks with MLS, could wind up with Revs:


Photo by ISIphotos.com

Details below.

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Dynamo stomp the Crew

2 08 2008

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Pictured here: Mullan walks all over a Crew member the way Houston walked all over Columbus. Our ball-handling was clean and polished; our Boswell-led defense was down-right cerebral; and our entire team (particularly during the first half) had their eyes open for potential goals, captains of opportunity (rather than formulaic). [Please excuse brevity. & typos; typed this while walking to the car.] Read the rest of this entry »