MLS Fails to Play-Dead in Semifinals; Mex teams Respond with Punches

31 07 2008

After the New England Revolution (MLS) beat Atlante (FMF) last night in a SuperLiga semifinal, Atlante behaved even worse and picked an even bigger fight than Pachuca did when they lost to the Houston Dynamo in the other semifinal, Tuesday night. It’s inexcusable that a Mexican (or any) side would do this after one of the semifinal matches, but that it happened after both is ridiculous! Soccer broadcaster and blogger, Kartik Krishnaiyer, has an interesting (albeit somewhat objectionable) analysis of why it happened. Read the rest of this entry »


Dynamo 2, Pachuca 0: The Fights

30 07 2008

After the Dynamo won the Superliga Semifinal…well, let’s say Pachuca went down swinging. The events on the field are documented below by Bernardo Fallas over at The Chron. But the fights weren’t just on the field. As my co-author and I were filing out of the stadium, we saw a fight of our break out amongst some of the fans. I snapped these shots on my iPhone…it was happening pretty fast, please excuse the image quality.
Continue after the break to see the photos. Read the rest of this entry »