Hurrican Ike and Dynamo Basic News

25 09 2008

Jeff and I are still recovering from Hurricane Ike. Jeff got almost 2 ft of water plus 1 ft of mold in his place, and I hear my house is fine, but haven’t returned yet. Where we work in our real lives remains closed; so we will either be posting very little trying to clean up, or a lot because we can’t go back to work yet… The Houston Dynamo home game against San Jose was postponed, and they are currently traveling for Champion League games. Before they left, the team did a wonderful thing and helped distribute supplies at a POD (Point of Distribution) for people in need of basic necessities (food, water, ice). Way to be Dynamo!


Sierra Mist GOW Thoughts

18 08 2008

Another wonderful week of soccer has past, and now we should vote on the Sierra Mist Goal of the Week.  To help those of you who will never watch all videos, I think you should vote for Ricardo Clark.  I’m going to claim that it is just a coincidence that he happens to play for the Dynamo. But here are my thoughts on all of them.

Brian Carroll (Columbus Crew): nod for first goal in this MLS season, but that’s about it.

Jeff Cunningham (FC Dallas): nod for 100th MLS goal, but then he clumsily falls on the goalkeeper.

Ronnie O’Brien (San Jose Earthquakes): One touch over Matt Reis (who I feel is just behind, in my non-biased judgement, the best damn goalkeeper in the league, Pat Onstad) – so not bad

Ricardo Clark (Houston Dynamo): Beautiful. First of the season. 25 yards out (actually remember being at the game and thinking, what the hell is he doing from way out here…oh…scoring a goal).

Mike Magee (New York Red Bulls): Beats defender in foot race to the ball (good), but not a super exciting shot (no need since he beat the defenders).

Ivan Guerrero: Anti-Quakes and Fire? Or Just Pro-United?

1 08 2008

No, I’m not talking about the natural disasters (of course he is anti-disasters, right?), but the San Jose Earthquakes and the Chicago Fire. Our friends over at Behind the Badge posted a lovely introductory video of Ivan Guerrero (below). He talks about how it is difficult to only practice one day with a team before playing in a game with them, but that he’s a professional and is ready to play. Great! I can get behind professionalism. When asked about the trade from San Jose to DC, his response: For me, [DC United] is the best team in the league. Yes, that is DC United who currently sits 11 points off the lead in the East (admittedly 7 points above former team San Jose), has lost their last 4 games, and currently has a losing record for the season in MLS play. But evidently, San Jose can suck it (my editorial comments, not the comments of Ivan Guerrero). Read the rest of this entry »

Do you know the way to San Jose? Just Follow Alvarez

28 07 2008

There has been so much speculation about Cooper and Toja leaving FC Dallas, but who is out first? Arturo Alvarez. Alvarez has been traded to San Jose for allocation money and a first round pic in the 2009 SuperDraft. Sound familiar? That is what Houston traded to San Jose for Kai Kamara. So the Houston native is being sent to San Jose for items that Houston provided. Huh.


Getty Images by MLS)

Alvarez is traded to San Jose. Was it the horrible hair that was the last straw? (Photo: Getty Images by MLS)