Dane Richards Shares the Love

25 08 2008

Dane Richards scores against the Houston Dynamo on Saturday, and then what does he do? A celebration dance? Jumps on the back, or the front, of a teammate? Pulls his shirt over his head, revealing ripped abs? No. He gives two high fives to teammates, mainly so he doesn’t leave them hanging, then runs over to the side to hug…the waterboy (really more like waterman, but you get the point). Way to share the love and celebrate with those that keep you from collapsing of dehydration. So my new career (since stretching DeRosario is looking like it might not work out) will be watergirl. Bring on the hugs.


Stretching Dwayne De Rosario (new career?)

17 08 2008

Dynamo vs Atlante, originally uploaded by William Holtkamp.

At the Dynamo games, Jeff and I think about what we could do to help the team. I feel like I could help them stretch. Really, just for their benefit. And if their shorts slide down a bit and I get flashed, well, I’ll just have to accept that as part of the job.