USA MNT – Eliminated [Updated]

13 08 2008

Well, the US men’s squad was eliminated from group play at 2008 Summer Olympics today. It was a well-played game that ended in a tough 2-1 defeat by Nigeria. If any one thing had gone differently, if a header hadn’t bounced off the cross-bar, if the Netherlands hadn’t gotten a PK against Japan…we would still be in the Olympics. But, in searching for a silver lining, we can look forward to our Olympians returning to MLS a week or so earlier. Read the rest of this entry »


Types of Hot: Olympic Hot

12 08 2008

Clearly this category only really comes up every 4 years; so I thought it deserved a nod. And as I’m trying to decide whether I should go to sleep and get up early for the US game against Nigeria or just stay up, I decided to post this instead. The first to fill this category was REALLY hard to pick; so expect more.  I was originally thinking Stuart Holden (who gave a “insider’s” description of life in the Olympic Village), because we here at NHB love our Dynamo/Olympic Hottie (see the many posts below), and he has been doing well (minus that yellow in the game against the Netherlands that I have just about blocked from my mind). But then I remembered the video I saw recently Read the rest of this entry »

Meet The Press: Holden

7 08 2008


Stuart Holden holds post-game press conference after his Olympic-game-winning goal

Stuart Holden holds post-game press conference after his Olympic-game-winning goal

US Soccer Olympian Stuart Holden (Photos:



Click here to hear Stuart Holden and Coach Peter Nowak’s post-game press conference

Also, click below to watch Holden, Guzan, Wynne and McBride (but mostly Holden) on the 1-0 win over Japan in their first match of the olympics, as well as looking forward to our game against The Netherlands this weekend.
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US Olympic Team vs Japan

7 08 2008

Watching the first half of the US Olympic squad on TiVo delay…so this is like live blogging a game except it’s only the blogging that’s live, not the game. I’ve a few thoughts.

1st impression: this US squad looks STRONG. Despite some scary things we’d heard since our boys headed to Asia, they look like a strong team. (Phew!)

2nd thought: Rogers is hot today! By that I mean he’s playing very well and he is looking GOOD. I mean clearly Holden’s the hottest player on the field (he always is the hottest player on any field). But I’m enjoying Rogers this morning also.

3rd thought: thank god we brought Guzan! He’s had some great saves (particularly aprox 21:00 if you watch online; great teamwork with Edu at aprox 27:40).

4th thought: I really hate Marcello Balboa (one of the two commentators). It’s not just because he spews stupid shit, constantly tokenizes himself, sounds like nails on chalkboard or has the vocabulary of a twelve year old. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Luckily JP’s doing more of the play-by-play.

Writen on my iPhone; please excuse typos, brevity and lack of photos.

What exactly IS the Japanese player reaching for???

Holden Turns 23 in China – was that yesterday for us?

1 08 2008

Happy Birthday to Stuart Holden, who turns 23 today. I got to thinking though, if he is in China, then did he turn 23 yesterday? Now my head hurts. Anyways, happy birthday! Evidently he’s super excited about his little cake, and someone named Gloria gave him a card outside the hotel. That’s dedication. And according to blog, he got “special attention” from fans. Hmmm, what exactly does that mean…


Holden turns 23 in Hong Kong with the Olympic team.

Holden turns 23 in Hong Kong with the Olympic team.

And a little birthday present for the rest of us… Read the rest of this entry »

Olympians Took My Advice, Kinda

26 07 2008

I mentioned in a previous post that the US Men’s Olympic Team was in route to Hong Kong, and that they shared the flight with about half the US Swim Team.  One might hope the two teams could share training tips, and that the end result would be barely-there shorts for the soccer team. Turns out they did learn something, but it involves the long tights rather than the short shorts. Sigh. [Really, they are compression pants to reduce swelling in flight; so they had them on before meeting the swimmers. But I fear the swimmers might have validated the style, and that would be unfortunate for all.]


USSoccer YNT-blog)

Stuart Holden and Brad Guzan rockin' (yes, I'm sometimes delusional) (Photo: USSoccer YNT-blog)

Hosed with Kamara?

26 07 2008

The Dynamo have officially acquired Kei Kamara from San Jose, and according to one of our readers, we got hosed.  So now I’m worried of course that maybe we did get hosed.  In my attempt to figure this out, at 3:30am, I found this delightful/distressing video from MLS.  Essentially, it pits Stuart Holden of the Dynamo and Kei Kamara, then of San Jose, against each other asking mostly non-soccer related random trivia.  For example, what’s the distance between San Jose and Houston?  Holden guessed about half the distance, but since he’s originally from Scotland, I feel like we can’t hold that against him (I am conveniently forgetting how long he has lived in the US).  All I can say is thankfully we only ask these guys to play good soccer.  Or maybe because we ask them to play good soccer they can’t know current events?  Either way, they should stick to their day jobs.  If by chance you can’t watch the video, Kamara wins, I think.

And maybe tomorrow I’ll stop being distracted by videos and actually figure out whether or not we got hosed.